Whose Garbage Problem Are in the City?
Posted On : July, 9, 2014 | By សំឡេងទីក្រុង

Recently, Trash issue is a persisting issue for Phnom Penh resident.  Even, there were some responses from Phnom Penh City Hall and Cintri Company to seek for a better solution to address the issue.

These last few days, because of the heavy rain, Phnom Penh were gotten flood. Because Cintri Company did not collect the trash on time it caused garbage floating on water during raining.  The trash floated to almost everywhere and it spreaded dirty smelt to pollute the air in the city. Especially, many streets consisted of big trashed dumps. This also generated traffic jams. Moreover, it challenged people to traffic across the streets.

Trash issue causes many negative impacts to residents of Phnom Penh, especially, the aesthetics of Phnom Penh. Whose Garbage Problem Are in the City? Please choose the answers bellow.

1. Problem of Phnom Penh City Hall

2. Problem of Cintri Company

3. Problem of all residents of Phnom Penh

4. All above answer.

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