Who Should Involve in Solid Wa​​ste Management?
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Who Should Involve in Solid Wa​​ste Management? Trash really affects to the public health, environment and city beauty, if it is careless without proper packaging. To effective manage garbage, one needs to closely collaborate with different stakeholders:

  1. The public: All people should learn and understand about issues and impacts of trash on health, environment and city beauty. They should have strong wills in keeping their surroundings environment cleans. A proper trash packaging is simple by packaging garbage into to its kinds in separated plastic bag and throw it into the bin. Doing this, the trash will not mess up so that the trash collector can easily collect it as well.  Therefore, all people should carefully pay attention on packaging and keeping their trash and its impacts as well as disadvantages.
  1. Trash Collection Companies: Trash collection companies that licensed by the state should develop a clearly and systematically plan on trash collection and keeping. Doing this, the companies have to work closely with city hall as well as the local authorities for advices and other constructive ideas for effective improvement on the plan execution. Furthermore, the companies should provide training courses to the people on issues, impacts and how to keep garbage in a proper place through technical packaging of trash management. The training can be conducted in every three month if possible.
  1. City Hall and Local Authorities: The city hall and local authorities should closely work together to execute the plan, and the plan should be seriously implemented. Moreover, they should expand collaborations with other relevant stakeholders and public people to get them involve with the plan as much as possible.  The city hall should put a hard pressure on local authorities and trash collection companies through the execution of the plan. For example, the city hall should collaborate with trash collection companies to produce the publish hygiene trash bin. The public hygiene trash bin should be placed in the appropriate target hot spot of garbage areas.  Particularly, they should be placed in town or down town at the markets where the garbage dumps are there. The public hygiene trash bin should produce based on the needs of the locations such as at the market, the trash bins need to be bigger than those trash bins in other places to serve tons of garbage every month.
  1. Relevant Stakeholders: Relevant organizations and other institutions that have been working for the area of environment, climate change, urban development, and so on should provide training course on environment issues and trash management at grassroots level, particularly training about advantages and disadvantages of trash to people and local authorities in their communities.

Furthermore, other related institutions should continue to promote about trash issues and trash management through video clip or other media channels such as TV, radio, social media and website.

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A proper solid waste management helps to have a clean environment and beautiful looking city where we all wish to live in. Join together for a clean city!

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