What we can do to ‘live greener’ and effect change, according to experts
Posted On : April, 24, 2018 | By Neng Pov

Earth Day takes place every year on 22 April, with the intention of raising awareness of plastic pollution. Here, three green experts offer their suggestions on what can be done to reduce environmental damage in Cambodia and around the world

Grace Smith: co-founder, GoGreen Cambodia
Living green is about the mindset, about changing our behavior to take on a level of consciousness of the impact of our actions. On a daily basis, the greatest change we can create is in our consumerism – how much plastic we consume, whether we dispose of our waste efficiently, dining in places that don’t use plastic straws or that generate sustainable recycling methods.

They say act local, think global. It’s sometimes easy to question whether our small actions will not make a change. But they will, and it’s being proven in Cambodia. Go and buy your reusable cups and coffee containers, take a sturdy bag for the goods when shopping, refuse plastic straws. Start recycling at home. Every little [bit] helps. It’s about civic duty and, most importantly, self respect.

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