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Posted On : March, 14, 2013 | By សំឡេងទីក្រុង

It is with much ado and possibly aplomb that the team behind Urban Voice would like to welcome you to the new site. Some of you may have been trolling or strolling the internet and come across the site previously, others have made use of its features and sought to be a part of the community that Urban Voice hopes to establish and yet more of you have never heard of Urban Voice. That doesn’t matter, because Urban Voice, in its new format, is for all of you. Though of course it’s still under some minor construction so bear with us as we make Urban Voice more usable and accessible.

For the past year Urban Voice has undergone what is commonly known as a soft launch. It’s very much like a beta test for video games, only in this case we know everything works. We simply have wanted to know how well the website works. So over the past year the Urban Voice team has been collecting a lot of data – not just for the Map – but about what and how you use the site, what you’re interested it and what’s the best way to present all this information to you.

After many months of collecting this information and a few more that required the distillation and much thought on it, along with many cups of coffee, the Urban Voice team has come up with this – the new format. Previous to this, we believed our focus to be the Map – that brilliant graphical display of our city, Phnom Penh, and all her nuances, developments and stories. While the map is definitely still a major emphasis for our work, we have to come realize that if nothing else Urban Voice is about the community. It’s always been about the community.

And that means enabling the community. Here on Urban Voice we’re hoping to promote the discussion of urban issues, big or small, which affected all of us in Phnom Penh. This is why the blog, campaigns, resources and even some projects that we aren’t ready to talk about just yet are being added to the site. We don’t simply want to show you a map of Phnom Penh – that’s boring, unless you’re a map geek – and not everyone is going to make much sense out of it.

Instead, through this blog, Twitter, the comments section and the numerous other means by which people can provide feedback in this day in age – not to mention submitting a report to Urban Voice for the Map – we will engage with the community at large. Throughout the past year the Urban Voice team has had a number of mapping meet-ups and days showcasing the site for students, journalists and citizens, all of which will continue. Now we’re just adding more features for you to engage on directly on the site.

So be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook or simply return to the site on a regular basis to find the latest commentary and analysis from the Urban Voice team about what’s happening in Phnom Penh, urban issues here and around the world and much more.

Of course, none of this could happen if it weren’t for the dedicated, more than merely handsome and extremely hardworking team. Along with a new set of features the team is set to grow this year allowing us to provide even more to you, our community, and our home.

Urban Voice Cambodia

Urban Voice Cambodia