Waste Campaign with Youth Task Force
Posted On : December, 26, 2016 | By Chamroeun Soy

After going for a waste campaign to Sihanouk Ville on December 2016, I have addressed an urban issue related to waste at the tourist site. What I could see for one day and a haft that was really shocking – there were many tourists, street vendors, service providers who did not pay attention to the management and recycling of waste although many of them already knew about both of its likely harmful effect and advantages. Worse than that, some people disposed waste on the beach on which some of the plastic bottles and beer were thrown before some of them floated on the sea water.

As a sophomore from International Studies Program at Institute of Foreign Languages, I got a chance to join Youth Task Force with a purpose to shape senses of environmental lover, and either in the short or long run, we hope they will gradually change. Meanwhile, this social activity also provided a chance for youth to foster intimate relationship, developed leadership and improved teamwork. Sad to say, it was short while for us, but we tended to like and love each other as a family. We thank to Urban Voice Cambodia that initiated such opportunity for youths to take actions on the environmental problems being discussed. It provided a chance for young generations to decisively and collectively improve their society by active participation. After all, this participation has instilled a change of perception with broader knowledge on waste issue in the city.

By Hol Chhaily, Youth Task Force Member



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