Urban Voice Presented to 160 Students
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On the morning of November 28, 2013, the Urban Voice team led by Mr. My Sovann, media project manager, made presentations about Urban Voice and Urban Development to the students at Student Development Institute and Asia Europe University in the afternoon.

The presentation  followed the plan and campaigns of Urban Voice aiming to share work experience, project activities, campaigns, and the ways that the general public, especially students and youth can participate in developing the capital of Phnom Penh through reporting their reports to the Urban Voice website http://urbanvoicecambodia.net/maps/reports/submit/?l=en_US  in order to contribute to the further development of Phnom Penh.

Noticeably, the Urban Voice website is the first website in Cambodia that allows all people, particularly people who are living in Phnom Penh to easily monitor the news, to express point of view, and to follow up with new development and challenges, arising in Phnom Penh.

75 students, including students of the Student Development Institute, attended the presentation. They were really interested in the Urban Voice project, particularly city deployment through using technology.

Then they asked many questions to the Urban Voice teams on the Urban Voice project as below:

1. What are the benefits for me and Urban Voice Cambodia when I contribute a report to Urban Voice?

Answer: It can help you and your society, meaning that when you or general people submit  reports to the Urban Voice website, the report will share back to you and your community people through social media such as Facebook, twitter and blogs. Therefore, people will get news, for example, bad road condition and good road condition, safety walk and unsafe walk streets, and so on. Seeing that you will be able to control and protect yourself from danger or lose something. Moreover, you can find business opportunities in Phnom Penh as well.

2. What are the challenges when I submit a report to Urban Voice, for example, is there a chance I will be arrested, based on my email if the report criticizes the government?

Answer: No, when you submit your report to Urban Voice, there your identity will not be known to anyone.

3. If my area cannot access internet, how can I submit my report to Urban Voice website.

Answer: Well, you can send a text message (sms) through your smart phone to 097 264 0056.

What is Urban Voice? Is it an organization or institution?

Answer: Click here to get detail about Urban Voice Cambodia: Khmer language and English language.

5. What kind of reports can sent to Urban Voice?

Answer: You can submit reports by the categories that have been created by Urban Voice and if there is no category for your report, you can email at info@urbanvoicecambodia.net to request a new category and we will create the category for your reports as soon as possible.

6. How long will it take for the reports I have sent to be released?

Answer: Urban Voice can’t say exactly how long because it depends on whether our team members are busy or not. However, the Urban Voice team will try our best to release your reports as soon as possible if your reports fits our requirements.

7. Who provides fund to support the Urban Voice project?

Answer: Urban Voice receives fund from various international donors.

8. Does Urban Voice’s project implement in rural area?

Answer: No, Urban Voice’s project work only in Phnom Penh.

On the same day in the afternoon, Urban Voice also presented to 85 participants at Asia Euro University. After finishing screening our short films “The city speaks” and “How to submit a report to Urban Voice website”, many questions were asked:

1. What is Urban Voice?

Answer: Please read here: about Urban Voice

2. When was Urban Voice created? And what is the purpose of Urban Voice?

Answer: Please read here: Urban Voice was created in Feb 2012, about Urban Voice

3. Does Urban Voice work only in Phnom Penh or also in other rural areas? And where does Urban Voice get support?

Answer: Urban Voice works only in Phnom Penh.

4. Is Urban Voice’s map from Google Map?

Answer: We have been using Ushahidi open source combined with WordPress to create the map in Urban Voice.

5. Who does Urban Voice share the report to?

Answer: Urban Voice will share the reports to the public through social media and the Urban Voice website and by doing presentations.

6: Where is Urban Voice located?

Answer: Urban Voice address is : #73b, St 97, Shangkat Pshar Doum Kthouv, Khan Chamkamorn, Phnom Penh.

We, Urban Voice team, would like to extend our sincere thanks to Asia Euro University and Student Development Institute who gave a warm welcome and allowed the Urban Voice team to make presentations on  Urban Voice’s project in sharing work experiences to 185 students.

We also give our sincere thanks to all students who attentively participated in our presentation.

Finally, Urban Voice would like to suggest to all Phnom Penh’s residents, kindly keep reporting to us about Phnom Penh’s developments and issues which are a concerning in the city to Urban Voice Cambodia, joining together to improve the development of Phnom Penh for further development.

Thank you

Urban Voice Team

Urban Voice Cambodia

Urban Voice Cambodia