Urban Voice Cambodia’s Online Campaign on Trash Issue in Phnom Penh
Posted On : November, 20, 2015 | By សំឡេងទីក្រុង

Garbage has become a major challenge in Phnom Penh as the city has transformed itself to accommodate economic growth. Urban expansion and influx of people have led to quantities of rubbish doubling in the city. Effectively managing this garbage requires all stakeholders, especially fellow Phnom Penh residents, to be actively involved in the solution.

Challenges Caused by Garbage
Phnom Penh residents living near dump sites are expressing concerns about the ineffectiveness of garbage management. Over the long term, these communities suffer health and well-being problems, caused by the smell and pollution from rubbish. Small children especially can become depressed, contract diseases such as diarrhea, or suffer growth problems.
In addition, on many large and small streets we can see piles of rubbish that are not properly managed. Rubbish is not separated. It looks untidy and damages the city’s image, and it smells unpleasant for those passing by. These rubbish piles are the result of irresponsible behavior by those disposing of trash and poor management and irregular timetables of the exclusive trash collectors, CINTRI. These concerned parties should share responsibility for any trash solution in the city.

Urban Voice Cambodia’s Online Campaign on Trash
Positive and meaningful public engagement is one potential catalyst to reduce the problems of trash in the city. Furthermore, the national and international media are highlighting the negative effects that trash and pollution will have in the future.
Urban Voice’s Online Campaign will focus on irresponsible behavior from those disposing trash. The campaign has been initiated to educate Phnom Penh residents to be aware of trash pollution.

Ask yourself the following questions:
Have you ever thrown rubbish into a rubbish bin? Have you ever arranged your trash tidily for rubbish collectors? Have you ever seen trash piles near your community? Have you ever thought you can do something to reduce trash in your city?

Main activities of the online campaign
1. Regularly posting pictures of trash piles, either taken by our team members or received from citizen reporters, on the official Urban Voice Cambodia Facebook page and website https://www.facebook.com/UrbanVoiceCam/?fref=nf or www.urbanvoicecambodia.net.
2. Continually posting information from concerned bodies- such as the Municipality of Phnom Penh and Ministry of Interior- to keep the public informed about trash issues.
3. Promoting online networks to disseminate our campaign messages to the public, particularly the Urban Voice Cambodia Facebook page and Telegram Group.
4. Designing simple education posters to be broadcast on Facebook, three-wheeled vehicles and through other means.
5. Preparing a simple poster on how to install the Telegram Application on Smartphones or PCs.

Do you want to get involved?
To participate in this campaign, you can submit reports of trash piles you have seen in your community. Contact: email urbanvoicecambodia@gmail.com, visit urbanvoiceambodia.net or send us a SMS to 097 264 00 56.
Note: Include in your report (1) a photo of the problem, (2) the address and (3) a description of the situation you are reporting.

Urban Voice Cambodia

Urban Voice Cambodia