Urban Voice Presenting at the 1st National Youth Conference
Posted On : January, 13, 2014 | By សំឡេងទីក្រុង

Urban Voice Cambodia presented at 1st National Youth Conference under the theme of ‘Toward Employment & Self-Employment Success’’, at Royal University of Agriculture (RUA), organized by Youth Center for Development (YCD) on 12nd Jan 2013. The objectives of the conference are:

  • How to get a Job and contribute to social development
  • Youth employment situation in Cambodia and how to secure at working place
  • How to be well-prepared for applying a job
  • Technique for a successful job interview
  • Way to find online job and free electronic learning
  • Sharing exclusive experience about own business
  • United National Recruitment Process
  • Dialogue with job interviewers ( Private sector, University, Job Recruitment Agencies, NGOs, Government agency and Embassy staff)
  • How to create micro enterprise with a low risk
  • How to find internet part-time job with well-paid salary

800 plus participants attended the conference. Most of them are students from various faculties and job recruitment agencies, National Employment Agency, RMA, UN Youth Task Force, and other stakeholders. Urban Voice considers that the conference is quite useful platform because it creates a vital opportunity for youth, recruitment agencies, employers as well as related stakeholders to exchange experience on challenges, and issues of Cambodian youth in job hunting. From this conference, youth will be able to know and understand the useful ways to get a job even while they are studying as well.

Let take a look at some photos during the conference.

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Urban Voice Cambodia

Urban Voice Cambodia