The Street Conditions of Steung Meanchey
Posted On : April, 24, 2015 | By សំឡេងទីក្រុង

Some part from all the development plans in Phnom Penh, we see that transportation is playing an important role in easing the movements of goods, trade, and people who are travelling along the street. Therefore, it is argued that transportation is essential for the well-being of human beings in society.

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However, good transportation happens when the road infrastructure is done and comfortable for the citizens to travel on. If the streets are full of flooding due to heavy rain and potholes caused by heavy-transportation use, the process of travel is seen to be quite irritating.

If you travel on Veng Seng Street, which is commonly known as Steung Mean Chey Street, you will feel a bit uncomfortable because of daily issues that have resulted from the construction made by Phnom Penh Municipality since 2014. Most travelers complain about the difficulty of going down this street because of two reasons. First reason is that when it is not raining, the street reacted with atmosphere, producing exhaust fumes and polluted air, making it hard for pedestrians and drivers to see the street, and in addition also affects their health. The second reason is that whenever it is raining there is massive flooding and potholes are full of water all over the street. This has led to traffic congestion, traffic accidents, and street disorder.

Due to the problems mentioned above, we would like to suggest that the government and other authorities should take action to better improve this street.

What are your thoughts on Steung Mean Chey Street and other streets in Pnhom Penh? What are your ideas for better solutions for the poor road conditions in Phnom Penh? How can you improve the poor conditions of streets to make them better?

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