The Situation of Beoung Chhouk Community After the Fire on 20 December 2014
Posted On : December, 24, 2014 | By សំឡេងទីក្រុង

The Beoung Chhouk community, located in Beoung Chhouk village, Kilometre number six commune, Russeykeo district, consists of a population of one hundred and eight families, most of whom are working as construction workers. The residents of Beoung Chhouk community started their settlement with only twenty families in 1993. At that time, they didn’t receive a settlement agreement but were offered documents such as family title, national identity, and voting registration.

In 2009, those twenty families were sued for illegal settlement by Lao Tong Gni (anonymous). After that, those families have often been summoned to court in relation to the alleged claims of illegal settlement. More recently in 2014, they have been sued again by another man, Hun Touch, who also claims that the community’s settlement is illegal. After continuous land dispute, the residents of Beoung Chhouk created the Beoung Chhouk community with initially approximately forty three families.

Unfortunately, the Beoung chhouk community was damaged by fire at 6 pm on 20 December 2014. As result, 54 families lost their houses, which accounted for 26 houses. Moreover, most children were not able to go school because of this. The residents of Beoung Chhouk community said that before the fire started, they received a notice from Russey Keo district for the community to vacate due to road development plans in this area.

With this poor living condition, the residents in Beoung Chhouk community is living with fear and insecurity of eviction. Sadly, after the fire damage, they lost their homes and possessions and are now living with the money that is borrowed from other people.

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