The Result of 5th Task Force Meeting
Posted On : July, 24, 2014 | By សំឡេងទីក្រុង

Urban Voice team had organized the 5th Task Force Meeting and field visit to poor community, Preak Takong, located in Khan Meanchey on 18th July 2014.

About 30 participants from various universities and communities in Phnom Penh attended task force meeting. The participant gained a lot of knowledge on Urban Voice project and city development. Moreover, they also shared experience and knowledge with each other through small group discussion, presentation, and field visit to Preak Takong, the poor community.

By the time constraint, only 5 amongst 30 participants had successfully submitted their report to Urban Voice website.

Here are the results of the small group discussion:

1. What did you see and learn from this site visit?

What we have seen:

  • Most poor community houses are small but high.
  • They are unorganized and not robust.
  • Surround the community, there are water morning green and water mimosa in the lake or field.
  • The path are with potholes.
  • Water is dirty.
  • The trash dumps are sounding the house.
  • Real Estate Company are using the sand to filling up the lakes.
  • The living situation of villagers.

What we have learned from the site visit:

  • Know the occupation of the poor community and their difficulties in living there
  • Know that poor communities also existed in the city
  • Know the status of people migrating from the provinces to the city
  • Know the impact of their livelihood.

2. Problems and Suggested Solutions:

  • Lack of local service: government should build the hospital, school, road, connecting with electric and toilets within the community.
  • Flooding: Local authorities should take measures to deal with the flood by constructing drainage system or virtual lake or water canals and high roads.
  • Poor living condition: The local people should seek for other jobs.  Government agencies, NGOs and related stakeholders should help to train them new skills to people in the community so that they can sustain their living condition to be better.
  • The impact of development around the community: Some companies have been filling up the lake for building Vila and other buildings. The solution to this issue is that government should study the impact of filling up the lake on poor community.
  • Trash: All related stakeholders such government or organizations should provide train course to educate people in the community on positive and negative impact of trash on health and help them to clean environment surrounding their house or community.

3. What is your suggestion for next Task Force Meeting?


  • We would like to suggest to Urban Voice that you should organize that field visit to other poor communities, so that we can learn, understand about the challenges and difficulties of poor community are. We would then may advice some solutions or other assistance to them.
  • Moreover, we would like Urban Voice to mobilize relevant partners or organization to visit the poor communities with us.

The task force meeting had conducted from 8am to 4:30 pm. The participants were happy and eager to attend next task force meeting as well.

Let view the photos and video as below: