Task Force Meeting 7th: Reporting Through Smartphone
Posted On : November, 4, 2014 | By សំឡេងទីក្រុង

The Urban Voice team conducted the 7th Task Force Meeting on the 23rd of Oct. 2014. There were 37 participants (5 females) from different universities in Phnom Penh.

The Urban Voice team discussed the purpose of the meeting, the project’s activities, and how to submit a report to the Urban Voice website. Afterwards, the team divided all the participants into four groups. Each group took one Tuk-Tuk to Tomnup Teuk to study the road situation there. The participants were guided by Urban Voice team to submit a report about the road condition from the field to the Urban Voice website through their smartphone.

At the end of the site visit, all the participants had lunch together at Phtah Chur Restaurant.

After lunch, all the participants returned to the Urban Voice office. They divided into four small groups to discuss what they saw and learned from the visit. Each group representative presented the results of the group discussions to all the participants.

The task force meeting was ended at about 4:30pm.

Here are the photos from the task force meeting

Here are the results of each group discussion:

1. What did you see during site visit?

We saw:

  • Road conditions (flooding, potholes, damaged road…)
  • Bad environment (trash everywhere, poor drainage system, flooding on the street…)
  • Social order (Vehicles parked on the street, traffic jams)
  • Traffic laws (people disobey traffic lights and signs)
  • Streets are narrow without sufficient street signs, which could cause traffic accidents.
  • Rundown buildings hurt the image of Phnom Penh.
  • Bad smells from rubbish and drainage systems when passing by on the streets
  • People are misbehaving.
  • The urban development is insufficient to meet the needs of the people
  • The people have very little education.

2. What are the problems and challenges of submitting a report to the Urban Voice website through smartphone?

  • The problems and challenges that we faced are:
  • It is difficult to access the website (Urban Voice website)
  • It is difficult to find the location on the map using a smartphone
  • The internet connection is slow
  • It is not clear how to submit the report to the Urban Voice website
  • It is difficult to write Khmer language on a smartphone
  • The image is too big. It is difficult to upload to the report
  • The capacity for uploading images to Urban Voice website is too small

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