Spike in seizures of overloaded trucks
Posted On : October, 6, 2017 | By Vantha

The Transport Ministry seized 642 overloaded trucks throughout the country and leveraged fines worth more than $250,000 last month.

The ministry issued a report on Wednesday, saying it had seized 642 overloaded trucks nationwide and issued fines totalling $267,627 during the month.

Compared to August, 155 more trucks were seized for being overloaded in September.

The trucks were overloaded by between four and 23 tonnes.

Transport Ministry spokesman Var Sim Sorya said the fines issued were small when compared to the cost of road maintenance in the country every year.

“We can use the fines to compensate just a small portion of the cost of maintenance and repairs of roads damaged every year by overloaded trucks,” he said.

“We levy the fine to deter repetition of the overloading, but if they don’t stop, there’s not much else we can do about it.”

When asked if stricter mechanisms will be adopted to eliminate the ongoing problem, Mr Sim Sorya said the ministry cannot solve the problem alone.

“We have an inter-ministerial committee to work on how to levy the punishment,” he said. “They meet every month and we wait to see if there is anything new. The ministry cannot do it ourselves. We have the law, but the enforcement is the job of other ministries.”

According to Mr Sim Sorya, it costs nearly $200 million per year for road maintenance and repairs across the country.

Source: Khmertime

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