Youth Opinion: Solutions to Traffic Congestion in Phnom Penh
Posted On : November, 21, 2016 | By សំឡេងទីក្រុង

Nowadays, traffic jam is the most remarkable issue in Cambodia. Every day, rows of crowded cars and motorbikes getting stuck in a place are everywhere. Concerning this problem, there are some prevailing solutions that can be possibly addressed.

First, the Royal Government of Cambodia should convince all Cambodian people to use public transportation. Though with limited provision, we already have bus service in Cambodia. However, such a service is not comfortable for people. Thus, in order to encourage people to use the buses, the government should provide more buses and we, as the service consumers, need to cooperate in giving the feedback to the bus-drivers in an attempt to improve their attitude and service.

Second, as we know that inadequate roads in Cambodia are also a major root cause of traffic jam, the government should construct more high-way roads, sky-roads and pedestrian sidewalks so that people find more ways to mobilize their transportation.

Lastly, the government should enforce the traffic laws again and again and promote it in academic curriculum at both secondary education and higher education. Even though it is a long-term process, it will be a positive outcome in the near future. Indeed, starting from us would promote solidarity in bringing better change to our society. Don’t wait. we should start to obey the traffic law.

By Hol Chhaily

Urban Voice Cambodia

Urban Voice Cambodia