Rain Flood affects urban poor community in Veal Sbov Commune
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Phnom Penh, (November 21, 2014) ¾ 52 families have been severely affected by the rain floods in Christianity Community Development Veal Sbov , Veal Sbov Commune, Chbar Ampov​​ District in Phnom Penh.

“I thought there would be no flooding this year, but big rain two weeks ago forced us to flee the flooding again. We couldn’t even take all our belongings because water rose so rapidly. I am worried about my young children because we are still surrounded by one-meter deep water and they cannot swim. The local primary school is submerged in water too so they must stay at home” said Pov Pally, an affected villager.

Five years ago 52 families living now in Veal Sbov community were relocated from Chbar Ampov II Commune. Their houses were located at the river bank but intensive sand pumping and river banks erosion made their houses very vulnerable to collapse. Moang Nang, 30 year old man who was relocated to Veal Sbov with other families says that their new settlement suffers from flood every year. “Pour un Sourire d’Enfant (PSE), a French non-profit organization working on child protection, has been providing temporary shelter, food and medicines to the affected families this year. Commune authorities designated a safe area which can be used during the flooding, but a more long term solutions need to be identified” said Yem Simon, chief of Viel Sbov community.

In June 2014 Czech NGO- People in Need (PIN) conducted Hazard, Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment (HVCA) in Chbar Ampov Commune to identify the most disaster prone urban poor communities and develop Disaster Risk Reduction plan. This activity is an element of the “Human Rights Based Spatial Planning” project implemented by PIN together with Sahmakum Teang Tnaut and funded by EU delegation in Cambodia and Czech Development Agency. “In close collaboration with local authorities and communities, our project aims to conduct HVCAs in 96 Communes in 12 Districts of Phnom Penh. Based on this information we will jointly design and, hopefully, implement mitigation measures to better protect people’s rights to safety and access to basic social services. The assessment will allow us to identify hazards, and areas and communities at risk in order to introduce disaster risk reduction plans into the Commune’s Development Plan (CDP)” says Mr. Sokha- PIN Disaster Risk Reduction and Emergency Response expert. Piotr Sasin- Country Director of PIN ads: “Cambodia is one of the most disaster-prone countries in the world (9th out of 172 countries according to World Risk Report, 2014). High urban growth rate (3.92% annually) results in an increased number of vulnerable people exposed to various kinds of hazards, including man-made ones such as landslides caused by sand pumping or excessive flash flooding caused by unsustainable land development. Urban poor settlements in Cambodia must prepare for future calamities before it is too late”.

As a result of the HVCA, PIN in collaboration with Urban Poor Woman Development (UPWD), and Wetlands Work develop flood proof sanitation solutions for this community as well as other structural upgrades feasible for peri-urban Phnom Penh.

By the end of this year PIN plans to complete all HVCAs across Phnom Penh. It will serve as informative mean for local authorities, PIN and other urban disaster management institutions to implement future plans and build a more resilient city. The full report and Phnom Penh disaster hazard map will be published in the beginning of 2015.

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