Phnom Penh’s Potholes!
Posted On : September, 17, 2013 | By សំឡេងទីក្រុង


Our Road Conditions map is finally out! Thanks to everyone who submitted reports – we got a total 450 reports, in the following categories:


Very Good: No cracking, no oxidation and no structural failure. No maintenance required. – 47
Good: Minimal cracking, no oxidation and no structural failure. – 103
Fair: Some cracking, some repaving required, small/shallow potholes – 133
Poor: Large potholes, resurfacing required. – 82
Very Poor: Major/unsafe potholes, resurfacing/reconstruction required. Could damage vehicles. – 12
Potholes: 62

Looking at the final map, it is interesting to note that streets in Daun Penh as well as the newly developed Bassac area seem to be in very good condition with few, if any, potholes. In contrast, streets the areas around Toul Sleng as well as Psar Toul Tom Pung (Russian Market) are in worse condition. Overall, only 12% of the streets surveyed fall into the category ‘very good’. The majority – 34% – of fall into the category ‘fair’. Overall, 61% of the streets surveyed were either ‘fair’, ‘poor’, and ‘very poor’. However, only 6% of the streets surveyed were in very poor condition – this may however reflect the fact that most of the reports we received are from central Phnom Penh.

Here are some pictures of potholes users sent in:
At street 348 near street 199 located Sangkat Toul Svay Prey I, Khan Chamkarmon has a big potholes.

At street 125 near street 232 has a big pothole.

Thanks for all the reports and don’t forget that you can still send us reports and updates about road conditions! And let’s hope the authorities will take action and improve the roads…

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