Palm Sugar Supplies for Dessert Small Business Phnom Penh
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The Sweet corner of Phnom Penh, have a great importance in sugar palm Industry. For a long time the country’s poor harvest it. The durable and strong leaves are weaved into baskets, the sap is collected and processed into a nutritious sugar. As a palm sugar’s usefulness, the business and agriculture experts easily interpret the Potential of the product. Even though palm sugar is grown in other countries such as Ethiopia, India, Indonesia and Tanzania, agriculture experts have mentioned that because of its taste and vast amount of nutrients Cambodian-grown palm sugar is one the best sugar.

However regardless of the myriad potential benefits, Cambodia’s palm sugar industry remains in its infancy. In Phnom Penh, People keep on saying that palm sugar is our national symbol, but no constructive efforts are shown to let the world know about it. Some firms sell small quantities of palm sugar locally and a few has found a path to the international markets such as the United States and Europe, while also providing products based on palm sugar. To recognize palm sugar worldwide it is now offered in different kind of candies, mixed with other Cambodian delights-palm sugar with banana, palm sugar with durian fruit and even more.

Thus the international awareness about Phnom Penh palm sugar is increasing day by day by different ways. The new and struggling firms have exported a couple tons of sugar to other countries, in 2013 and with the production of palm sugar based rice crisps and cookies products this year the export will increase. Palm sugar can easily be traded in a small but profitable segment of market. A market for palm sugar also depends very much on demand and its customer will be willing to pay a lot of money for the supply. Many of the organizations from different countries provides expertise and other assistant in the palm sugar industries in Phnom Penh.

Several other sugar are also mixed with Palm sugar, but it also attracts moisture so it is difficult at this moment to make products that will last on the shelves. The ingredients to prevent that are not yet available in Phnom Penh. So planning to overcome the requirement to give it a better quality mixture and taste is essential. If standard procedure with better equipment for mixture of preservatives and more efficient harvesting and production practices are taken place, Phnom Penh, palm sugar industry can touches the sky. It has a very nice taste for a range of products like coffee and tea, and in chocolates and sweets.

Cambodia is one of the few palm sugar distributors in the world and has a better quality than in other producing countries like Indonesia. In other countries it produce less than half a kg/day. In Cambodia each tree can make up to one kilogram in a day. But that harvesting that will require a lot more workers since they have to go up and get it more than once a day. With the circulating palm sugar in Phnom Penh, chefs are finding more ways to put its unique qualities to work by using them to step up the country’s traditionally rural cuisine scene.

Palm sugar has also become popular among coffee drinkers, in Phnom Penh. Investment are taking place in Cambodia for the production of sugar cane, like China Yellow Field International Limited ( LTD)  designated $74.6 million, Thai-owned Tonle sugar cane, designated $14.6 million and another Thai-owned company cane and sugar valley co-designated $14.8 million. The sugar industry along with several other crops now being pushed by investors every year. Cambodia cane sugar makes up less than 1% of the country’s exports industry. Although it is unclear precisely how much Cambodian sugar has been exported to the EU since the duty-free initiative came into play, total agricultural exports to the region have increased 20.4 percent from the end of 2009 until the end of 2012, according to data from the European commission. Phnom Penh Sugar Co is the first factory to produce refined sugar for local and exportation markets and they produce refined sugar, white sugar and raw sugar to the international standard .Although Cambodia have the land to continue the growth of sugar cane. Still a lot of sugar is exported from Thailand and re-exporting it to Vietnam.

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