Flooding at the Trapeang Krosang Relocation Site

10:30 Oct 15 2010 11.581097,104.788789


This community is located in Sangkat Trapeang Krosang, Khan Dangkor, Phnom Penh. Many houses in this community were flooded by the heavy rains of 11 October, 2010 because the building sites are situated on low lying lands. The houses built on higher land were not affected by the flooding. In addition, the road from the gate of the pagoda was also flooded. On 11 October, the level of the flood waters reached 0.5 meter, and as of the writing of this report, the water level is at 0.2 meter. There is no drainage system in the community. The negative impacts of the flooding included some health problems and some damage to the gravel road to the community.

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