Flooding at the Kraing Angkrong I Relocation Site

11:02 Oct 15 2010 11.579219,104.852628


This community is located in Sangkat Kraing Tnoung, Khan Dangkor, Phnom Penh. There are 88 families in the community. It was flooded for an entire week after the heavy rains on Monday, 11 October, 2010. The flooding in the community was limited to a 100-meter long road, with water levels at 0.2 meters. As a result, the road sustained some damage. In addition, some people were affected by skin allergies as a result of exposure to the flood waters, and one child was bitten by a snake. Fortunately, he was sent to the hospital on time. The main concern of the residents in the community is the influx of snakes or other hazardous animals brought about by the flooding. There is a drainage system in the community, but it is currently blocked.

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