Flooding at the Toul Sambo Thmey Relocation Site

12:22 Oct 15 2010 11.463719,104.842839


This community is located in Sangkat Prey Veng, Khan Dangkor, Phnom Penh. Almost the entire community was affected by the flooding caused by the heavy rains of 11 October, 2010, with 71 houses flooded by about 0.6 meter of water. By Wednesday, 13 October, the flood waters had drained away, leaving washed-out mud and gravel and revealing damage to part of the community's road. There is no drainage system in this community. The main problems faced by the residents during the flooding were skin allergies and difficulty traveling. The community members would like help in repairing the areas damaged as a result of the flood waters washing away soil and gravel.

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