Flooding at the Sen Reakreay Relocation Site

16:35 Oct 14 2010 11.62135,104.846883


There are 256 houses in the community, and all of them were flooded by knee-level waters from late on Sunday, 10 October - 13 October, 2010. By Thursday, 14 October, 2010, the water level had decreased by about 50%. There is drainage system in the community, but it could not handle the large amount of water produced by the heavy rains. Many residents experienced skin allergies due to contact with the flood waters. Furthermore, people's daily lives were greatly upset as the flooding made it difficult to cook meals or even to find a dry place to sleep. The residents were very concerned about poisonous animals and health problems such as the spreading of fever and the common cold. Because the children could not attend school, many adults could not go to work since they had to stay at home watching over their children.

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