Development of Dey Krahorm - Part 1 (Jan 28th, 2010)

01:11 Apr 8 2011 Dey Krahorm

On January 23, 2009 at 2am, mixed forces surrounded Dey Krahorm - the community with the longest, resistance to unlawful eviction. Just after 6am, more than 250 armed forces and 300 breakers attacked the villagers in a brutal show of force, despite their legal entitlement to their land. This video is a compilation of footage captured by human rights monitors on the inside.
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Prashant (Jun 16 2012)
I am so confused XD. I had to reaerd the whole comic today because I didn't even know who Yuen was xDThis whole time I thought that the flashbacks were what happened to meela because they had similar hairstyles.I must have been tired or something because I never noticed the names mentioned was not her's and really reading a panel a week can make you forget details like the journal.Though thanks to the comments and reaerding it I understand now XD>> I still feel bad for being confused.
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