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01:30 Apr 8 2011 Borei Keila

Borei Keila was meant to be a new model for urban development, with those being evicted provided with on-site housing and ample compensation, while the property developer could still take advantage of the lands value. However as the screening process progressed, it became apparent that those families who had members infected with HIV were being marginalised and refused apartments. Eventually the majority of these families were forcibly evicted from their homes to Toul Sambo, a relocation site 25km outside Phnom Penh with no clean water, no opportunities for work, no proper sanitation and no access to school for their children.
11 families remain at Borei Keila, they have been promised apartments, but now more than six months after they were evicted and moved to on-site temporary accommodation , they still have not received anything and now they face extortion and corruption at the hands of the local authorities as well as being evicted by their private landlords for not paying their rent. The local authorities have yet to provide any of the money promised to cover their temporary rent costs.
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