5, Phsar Deoum Thkov

00:00 Jun 6 2012 Phsar Deoum Thkov, Chamkarmon

Community code: CMN09
Community name:
Local name: Boeung Trabek Boundouy Brorlay
Beoung Trabek Kandal
Type of commmunity: Channel edge
Year urban poor community was established: 2000
Location : Village 5, Sangkat Phsar Deoum Thkov, Khan Chamkarmon
Latitute: 11.528888
Longitute: 104.921845
Total number of families :18
Total nubmber of peoples :108
Total number of house hold: 17
Area ( square metres): 2510
Types of employment in the community:
Fishing: No
Farming: No
Factoty worker: No
Vender: Yes
Government worker: No
Motordop: No
Waste picker: Yes
Contruction worker: No
Waiter: No
NGO staff: No
Formal eviction isued: No
Eviction notice count: 0
Eviction notice reason:
Rumour of eviction: Yes
Source of rumour: Phum
Family book: Yes
ID cards: Yes
Voting card: No
Community land title: No
Letter of birth: No
Letter transfer from: No
Distance to school: less than 1km
Distance to clinic: more than 1km
Distance to market: more than 1km
Electric supply: Private
Electricity cost (Riel/KWH): 1500
Water Supply: Private
Water cost(Riel/m3): 1000/ja
Toilet: Yes
Toilet supported by: Owner house
Drainage system: No
Drainage system supported by:
Road access: Yes
Road supported by: Themselves
Solid waste and garbage management: Yes
Solid waste and garbage management support by: Themselves
Flood in rainy season: Yes
Duration of flooding: 1 or 2 hour

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