Maida Street in Phnom Penh 2015
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Road infrastructure obviously plays an important role in travel and transportation in Phnom Penh. Constructed in 2004, Maida Street has served as a main road for many people living in the city. However, now the pavement has worn away over the years, and it is now littered with potholes. This has led to heavy traffic congestion as well as flooding after it rains.

The problems of Maida Street as mentioned above have become a hot topic in development discussion. After discussions, they have decided the best option is to repair the drainage system and to reconstruct the road for better accessibility.

The following statements illustrate the different opinions before-reconstruction and after-reconstruction of Maida Street.

maida street Feb 2015

maida street Feb

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maida street

A gasoline seller, Mr. Phirun, said, “This road was completely reconstructed last year. Before construction, it was in a poor condition. There was flooding after it rained due to the faulty drainage system and big potholes because heavy trucks and other vehicles were using the road regularly. Before, I could sell 60 to 70 liters per day, yet since the construction started, my profits have decreased noticeably (30%).  Due to the road congestion, the smog has polluted the air and there has been a decrease in sales. I hope that the government and municipality take action to accelerate the construction process to make the condition of this street better.”

A motor-taxi driver, Mr. Tang Leangheng, said, “Before construction, the road condition was bad and affected residents’ health. I believe that after the end of construction, it will be much better for transportation and people’s living condition because there will be no potholes, less exhaust fumes, and less flooding. I hope that the government will finish the construction as soon as possible in order to provide accessibility, better transportation, and better living conditions for nearby residents. ”

What are your thoughts on the current situation of Maida Street and other streets in Phnom Penh? What can you do to improve the situation of those streets? Do you have more effective solutions to deal with road congestion in Phnom Penh?

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