Issues after Flood In Phnom Penh
Posted On : May, 29, 2014 | By សំឡេងទីក្រុង

Phnom Penh is capital city where people living with civilization, but there are still many problems arising in living the city. Most parts of Phnom Penh are flooded whenever raining, and it causes many problems which affect to people life:

1.   Health issue: Whenever raining, most parts of the city are flooded. The rubbish flows out from the drainages. The garbage makes home for mosquitoes which would transmit viruses to people around there.

2.  The Difficulty in Traveling: Flood is the main cause of traffic jams in the city. Flood causes students go to school late. Other travelers take long time to travel from place to place. Moreover, vehicles are error machine because it has sunken down to the water.

3.   Damaged infrastructure and spoiled public orders: Most streets were destroyed by flooding. Trash causes flooding drainage stuck. The trees are broken down. The electricity wire cut off and mess up on the street in some places. People are in danger of electricity shock.

4.  Losing daily income: People cannot go to work or go to do any business because the place that use to sell or do business is flooded. This causes some products and goods spoiled. Due to the flood, sellers could not sell their products or goods because the buyer do not come out of home to buy it while the streets are dirty.

5.  Increasing the state budget spending: State has to spend more money on re-construction the infrastructure projects again and again due to flood.

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