How to Deal with Traffic Jams in Phnom Penh
Posted On : September, 10, 2014 | By សំឡេងទីក្រុង

Almost every working day, traffic jams congest every major intersection in Phnom Penh city during rush hour (7am—9am and 4pm—7pm). Some intersections have traffic jams throughout the entire day.

Street widening and construction of flyover bridges are the current solutions to tackling the congestion issue in Phnom Penh. However, these are still short-term solutions. Obviously this problem will not be fixed quickly. Even though there is some work being done, it is not enough to accommodate all the constant stream of new vehicles that contribute to Phnom Penh traffic every day.

Traffic jams not only delay commuters but they also have a negative psychological impact on people’s lives. In the meantime, people in Phnom Penh can help alleviate the traffic.

Here are a few suggestions on how to deal with traffic jams in Phnom Penh City:

Start obeying the traffic laws, regardless of your circumstances. When one person starts obeying the law, it sets a great example for other commuters.  In Phnom Penh, where many streets are small with only two lanes, many people drive on wrong side of the road, which can cause accidents and is one of the main causes of gridlocks.

Studying the Phnom Penh map and finding alternative routes would be a useful survival skill and will help you avoid many congested intersections in advance. Equipping yourself with a personal map is a good start to discovering less traffic-filled roads around the city. You should also pay attention to patterns on your daily route. For example, in the morning, the street vendors near the market might occupy the road. It would be best to take note and avoid that road each morning.

Tune into the radio, check traffic updates on your phone, or turn on the live webcam to find updates on the traffic. Some radio stations make daily traffic reports. You can also use a mobile application like “Chaktomuk Traffic” in order to avoid traffic jams. There is a free live webcam on the main roads in Phnom Penh; people can log on to receive live videos from those roads. These services provide reliable, updated information but they require the participation of commuters and the interest of private sectors.

Traveling by car in Phnom Penh may cause many headaches, especially on small streets with fewer parking spaces. People should consider commuting via bicycle or public transportation.

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