How do I submit a report?

  1. Go to the homepage and click on the ‘SUBMIT A REPORT’ page on the top tool bar or the yellow ‘SUBMIT REPORT’ button above the map!
  2. Give your report a title and a description
  3. Find its location on the map, and draw a point, line or area to describe the location. You can do this by clicking on the point, line or area buttons at the bottom of the map.
    1. Areas: click on the button on the far left below the map. Click around the area on the map. You will see that is covered over as you click. Double click to finish. You can put many areas, just click again.
    2. Lines: click on the button next to the area button below the map. Click along the line on the map. You will see a line is drawn on the map. Double click to finish. You can put many lines, just click again.
    3. Points: click on the pencil button next to the line button below the map. Click on the point on the map. You will see a red diamond appear. You can put many points, just click again.
    4. Editing: if you made a mistake, just click on the button below the map that looks like a hand. Then select any of the things you have drawn on the map. Then
  4. Choose an appropriate category. Click on the “+” signs of the parent categories to view the children. Tick the appropriate box
  5. Add any links, photos or videos
  6. And if you want to, you can add your personal details. Your personal details will not be made public, but they will allow you to request edits or deletion of your report.
  7. Then click submit!
Urban Voice Cambodia

Urban Voice Cambodia