Heavy Rain in Phnom Penh
Posted On : July, 5, 2014 | By សំឡេងទីក្រុង

Phnom Penh is known as the capital city of Kingdom of Cambodia. It is the heart and center of commercial transactions. Investors, tourists and businessmen rarely miss visiting the city when they arrived Cambodia. Unfortunately, the streets always get flooded during the rainy season, and the government doesn’t seem to want to do anything about it.

On July 4, 2014, in the evening, it was raining very heavily. This, yet again, resulted in flooding streets, traffic chaos, and angry people who had trouble getting home from work.





Urban Voice want the government to do something about this continual problem. But we need your help! By submitting a reports to Urban Voice you help us generate a stronger voice. Only by standing together as citizens of Phnom Penh can we put pressure on the government to take the necessary steps to reducing the flooding.

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Urban Voice Cambodia

Urban Voice Cambodia