Governor threatens to dump newly-hired waste company
Posted On : May, 24, 2018 | By Neng Pov

The Sihanoukville governor yesterday expressed his disappointment over the city’s garbage problem and warned the city’s waste management company that its license could be revoked if they fail to solve the problem within three months.

Governor Y Sokleng said yesterday that the amount of garbage in his city has become unbearable, noting that in the past eight months 120 tonnes of waste was disposed per day, a number that has now risen to 450 tonnes per day.

Mr Sokleng said that his office has received multiple complaints from residents regarding the city’s garbage company, Kampong Som Waste Management.

Last year, Kampong Som Waste Management agreed to a ten-year contract to operate garbage disposal after its predecessor, Cintri, was cut due to worsening road conditions, outstanding payments and lack of service.

Mr Sokleng said that under KSWM’s tenure over the past eight months, waste management services have not improved.

“We’ll give them until August to solve the garbage situation,” he said. “If not, then we will announce a new tender for a new company.”

Mr Sokleng said that the issue is not only present in cities in his province, but also in all major cities across the country.

“It’s a nationwide problem, not just a Preah Sihanouk problem,” he said. “You need to know the mindset of our people to understand why there’s normally so much garbage during important national holidays.”

“We’re urging the company to improve their ability to buy more trucks, increase the number of garbage collection runs per week and also increase the number of staff,” he added.

SKWM director Heng Peng Hak said yesterday that his company is committed to improving the situation within the time frame provided by the governor.

Mr Peng Hak said that more resources will be spent on trucks and staff in order to achieve the three-month target.



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