Flooding in Phnom Penh in 2014
Posted On : November, 5, 2014 | By សំឡេងទីក្រុង

Over the last few years, Phnom Penh has been developing rapidly with modern super markets, skyscrapers, and sky bridges. Along with these developments, there have also been many problems such as traffic jams, blackouts, road deterioration, displaced trash, and especially flooding, which negatively affect Phnom Penh residents.

Due to a lack of rainwater storage from lakes such as Boeung Kok, Boeung Samyab, Boeung Tumpun (which were completely filled for land development ventures), and inadequate restoration of drainage systems, Phnom Penh always floods when it rains. Flooding causes many concerns for Phnom Penh residents with travel, daily work, and damage to their property. They end up losing money after having to repair damages to their homes.

In the early morning of November 3rd, 2014, it rained for 3 hours and most areas in Phnom Penh were completely flooded. Some areas were more serious than others such as Boeung Trabak areas, Toul Tompoung areas, Depo market areas, Oreusey areas, Kampucheakrom Blvd, and Miada street. Phnom Penh residents complained a lot about this flooding.

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