Campaign 2015: Report Traffic Jams

Due to the rapid growth of the population in Phnom Penh, there has been a major increase of vehicles being used on the roads, which has led to heavy traffic congestion in the city.

The traffic jams can happen anytime, especially during rush hour, when people finish working. When traffic jams occur, there is a tremendous impact on people’s personal life, career, and safety. Life in the city becomes more uncomfortable.
Since 2012, we have received 86 reports on traffic jams from different places in the city. Now, to help reduce traffic jams in Phnom Penh, Urban Voice Cambodia would like to invite our citizens to all get involved and submit reports to our website in order to raise awareness of traffic jam reduction.

Do not underestimate the importance of raising awareness. Submit a report to Urban Voice now and help develop our city for the better.

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