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What is Urban Voice?

Urban Voice is a map-based visualisation of developments in the urban space that allows anyone to contribute. The citizens of Phnom Penh have many different interests, and Urban Voice is the place where these can be brought together. Urban Voice is a source of information, as well as a site for civic engagement. Check here for information on news, events, urban issues and many other developments that concern the city.

To read more about Urban Voice, go to this blog post.

Who is behind Urban Voice?

Urban Voice is not an organization, but is fully dependent upon the participation of the citizens of Phnom Penh. Just click on “SUBMIT A REPORT” on the upper right-hand corner of the homepage to get started.

There is a team of dedicated, enthusiastic, driven and intelligent people who are making Urban Voice a reality. Their duties are numerous but include verifying reports, maintain the website, creating & running campaigns, updating the blog, tracking news & other relevant information to Phnom Penh, and uniting the community. It is them you have to thank for all of the hard work that goes into ensuring Urban Voice offers everyone in Phnom Penh an opportunity to  contribute to the development of the city.

The team’s skills are numerous. Programming, web development, teaching, photography and more are just the basic abilities of the team. Each person involved brings with them their own experiences of Phnom Penh and their perceptions of the city – which is fantastic because it means we get a much wider view of what’s happening around town. That varied interests of the Urban Voice team are a perfect illustration of how diverse the city is. No one on the team is just any one thing with a single skill set, rather like Phnom Penh, they’re each many different things to many different people.

Want to join the team? It’s as easy as e-mailing us info@urbanvoicecambodia.net!

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Urban Voice Cambodia

Urban Voice Cambodia