2nd Urban Voice Radio Talk Show on “Testimony of evicted community representative”
Posted On : May, 19, 2015 | By សំឡេងទីក្រុង

Guest speaker, Mrs. Chay Kimhorn, a representative from Borei Keila Community

Operator: What is the development plan of Borei Keila?

Guest Speaker: Mrs: Kimhorn: “Based on what I have known since 2008, the development plan of Borei Keila is to alleviate poverty through a partnership with the Phanimex company”, said Chay Kimhorn.

Operator: – Compared to other places, why has Borei Keila been chosen for this development plan?

Guest Speaker: “The development plan in Borei Keila has been made by the government in order to help eliminate poverty for 1776 families in this area. Because of that, the government has planned to build 10 buildings in order to achieve this purpose. However, after 8 of the 10 buildings were built, the Phan Imex company forced the rest of the 384 families to move out from Borei Keila without compensation at all.”

Operator: Why is the word “Eviction” used in Borei Keila? If you look back, did they announce to the Borei Keila’s residents about the planned movements or not before the violent eviction was made?

Guest Speaker: “The word EVICTION is used in Borei Keila because of the fact that there is no compensation at all for moving,” said Ms. Kimhorn, “Talking about the past, we still could not forget the act of this eviction. It’s still with us now. In fact, the act of the forced and violent eviction was made by authorities from 8 districts in Phnom Penh without an official verdict from the court and without any statements informing us in advance. Moreover, we are still in doubt over why the presence of development in the area must evict the residents from their homes”.

Operator: What is the exact number of people who have suffered from this eviction?

Guest speaker: There are 384 families who have been forcibly evicted from Borei Keila. Some were forced to Tuol Sambo village, some were removed to Phnom Bat, while some are still staying here to fight against this eviction.

Operator: Can you tell us about the situation during the eviction?

Guest speaker: “Talking about what Phan Imex has done to us, we could never forget it at all. They came to demolish our houses and then they arrested eight of us to serve one month in prison. Further, they caught and put some of us in a rehabilitation center where people with mental problems were living in. More than that, we have also been detained in the police station for no reason at all.” Said Ms. Kimhorn.

Operator: How is the current situation of the eight men who had been arrested?

Guest Speaker: “They were in the prison for one month and 13 days, after that they were released due to demands of people to free them from the prison. Living in the prison for above period, they were hit and have suffered physically and mentally.”

Caller: “Mr. Vannak, a caller from Phnom Penh, shared his impression of the eviction over Borei Keila. He talked about development in Phnom Penh made by the Royal Government of Cambodia. He said that every time development has occurred in Phnom Penh, there is always a problem. He added that the development plans in Borei Keila are an obvious error. Actually, the government already knows that there are not sufficient buildings for Borei Keila, yet the government still does not do anything to deal with this problem with the company who was responsible for construction.”

Operator: What is the current situation of Borei Keila’s residents?

Guest Speaker: “Honestly, our living situation in Borei Keila is quite difficult. Outsiders look at us with the idea that we are living in newly-constructed buildings, but in reality we are living in a pile of waste. Moreover, it is so miserable when it rains. Due to the current situation, we have suffered so much. We almost cannot survive with our day-to-day living due to the fact that we find it very difficult to get proper jobs and send our children to school. This eviction has brought pain to our hearts, which is unforgettable.” Ms. Kimhorn.

Caller: A caller from Phnom Penh, Mr. Boreth expressed his ideas on the current situation in Borei Keila. He said that the development in Cambodia is worse than before. In Cambodia, wherever there is the presence of development, there are tears and suffering, while in other countries when development plans occur people are happy with the aspects of development.”

Operator: Until now, what are the solutions between the Borei Keila’s residents and the government?

Guest Speaker: “Until now, there are no reliable solutions offered to us yet. As mentioned earlier, if the municipality school considers the demands from our community, there should be a solution coming soon. Yet, if the municipality focuses on Phan Imex demands there will be a controversy over land disputes. Moreover, according to the meeting held by the municipality and the community, the municipality found out that there are only 25 out of 154 families who have legal land documentation. Therefore, the Municipality of Phnom Penhsent 89 families to Andong village”

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