2nd Task Force Meeting: Vising to Trapeang Anchanh Community
Posted On : June, 5, 2015 | By សំឡេងទីក្រុង

On May 29th 2015, Urban Voice Cambodia visited the Trapeang Anchanh Community. Trapeang Anhchanh is a relocation site on the western outskirts of Phnom Penh, situated in the Trapeang Krasang commune, Porsenchey district.

task force meetin_29_May 2015

During their field visit, participants found some problems as below:

  • There are many trash dump sounding the community
  • The street in community is in a difficult situation.
  • The community is far from school, hospital, and working places of residents
  • The residents’ house are small and flooded, which are difficult to live.
  • The residents are living in a difficult condition
  • There are lacks of infrastructure in the community
  • The residents are difficult to make a living

And they request relevant stakeholders, especially the Government to address it as below:

  • The government and NGO should offer proper solutions for the residents
  • The government and authority should take action to build infrastructure for the community
  • The water and electricity service should be in a reasonable price.
  • The partnership NGOs should offer educational training courses to community

Urban Voice Cambodia

Urban Voice Cambodia