Informal Sector Practitioners’ Attitude to Avoid Heavy Traffic Congestion in Phnom Penh
Posted On : May, 18, 2016 | By សំឡេងទីក្រុង

For short term solution as the Municipality of Phnom Penh has been implementing, physical infrastructure improvement likes flyovers, more roads and bridges, simply can reduce heavy traffic congestion. However, for long term plan, public awareness of traffic law and sense of personal responsibilities rank on top priority to change the status quo of the capital’s congestion. Influx of people from different origin provinces, especially those who were remote area originated fills narrow roads with incredible amount of motorbikes, and increasing number of car and truck even though the drivers, as expert says, equip with insufficient knowledge of traffic law and lack of proper attitude to positive changes the plight.

Consequently, at the intersection of Russian Federation and Mao Tse Tung Boulevard, where flyover and underground road have already constructed, we see terribly traffic jam around 5:00 to 7:00 PM with numerous number of cars, buses, three-wheel vehicles, trucks, motorbikes and bicycles moving very slowly in messy manner to get to the front. When the worse situation comes, you probably get stuck there for hour(s) if there is no intervention from traffic police.

The three wheel vehicle, or Remork in Khmer, has become one of the most convenience and safe form of transportation to travel around Phnom Penh city. For the case study of informal sector, three-wheel vehicle in particular, the drivers have expressed their concern that traffic problems would reduce their daily revenue to support households. What are the flexible methods to avoid traffic congestion in Phnom Penh?

A Story of Three Wheel Vehicle Driver Engages in Urban Voice Mobile App:

This is one among hundreds of fascinating stories which exemplified how netizen, irrespective of level of education, career and social background, enable to use the platform of Urban Voice Mobile App to provide benefit for the public. Mr. LY Vuthy is a three wheel vehicle driver who was originated from Takeo province in 2010. With passionate interest to learn how to use the mobile app in his smart phone, he participated in a community training session presenting on using social media to strengthen urban poor community activists’ knowledge and promote the scene of involvement for better social changes. After the training, he becomes an active person to report cases of traffic congestion wherever he traveled in order to keep his fellow Remork drivers to be well-informed on locations that stuck in congestion. He said that “the Urban Voice Mobile App is a useful and easily-used tool to receive alerts on traffic congestion, demonstration, blackout…etc., and simultaneously you can make reports on the relevant issues, like traffic jam in particular, so that followers will avoid the busy routes.”

How to use Urban Voice Mobile App:

  • In order to get the application to be installed in your mobile phone, please visit Android App on Google Play, and type urbanvoicecambodia in the searching box.
  • Just click on “Submit a Report” on the upper right-hand corner of the home page to get started. When you conclude report writing, please click “Submit” then there will have a team working on verifying the reports, gathering relevant detail and insightful information, tracking news and updating a clear and precise report on platform of the Mobile App. To advocate for these issues to be addressed, the application enables everyone to make report conveniently and confidentially on their mobile phone.
Mapping Report in 2016 of Traffic Congestion in Phnom Penh

Mapping Report in 2016 of Traffic Congestion in Phnom Penh

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Urban Voice Cambodia