Passengers’ Indigent Safety at Road Construction Sites in Phnom Penh
Posted On : May, 18, 2016 | By សំឡេងទីក្រុង


An efficient with low and competitive transportation network is a driving force to support economic growth, poverty alleviation, regional cooperation and globalization. Of course, the positive impact of infrastructure improvement have significantly influenced on both economic as well as social development. The government has expressed strong initiative to connect rural area to city in responding to pace of economic growth. However, to facilitate accessibility to high standard of land transport, foreign funding dependence notably is the crucial channel. Despite of the improvement facet, Cambodia still has insufficient physical infrastructure for its national and trans-boundary integration.

The capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh, has been dramatically transformed very quickly to an important economy and culture city while it is accommodating giant development project, satellite city and urban growth. Simultaneously, Phnom Penh begins to cope with risen issues like rapid growth of population, traffic congestion, garbage and wastewater management, and increasing demand for electricity. Recently, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen strongly criticized on the Department of Public Works and Transport for insufficiently action to rehabilitate and maintain damaged roads in Phnom Penh. The Department then has been taking immediate responses to repair road hollow, surface pavement…etc. For public transportation, according to national policy, rehabilitation, maintenance, expansion and reconstruction are the medium term government’s objective to improve access to a land transport system throughout the nation. However, road users are skeptical on indigent road safety protection.

Situation of Road Construction Sites in Phnom Penh:

We could see workers with heavy machinery reconstructing Phnom Penh’s busy road. As noted, we saw indigent protection and neglect behavior of contractor to install traffic sign and direction indicating potholes and untidy placement of large concrete sewer drainage that has turned the street into a deplorable congestion condition. The road is deeply dug up to put new concrete tube to prevent flood-prone stretch, and rubble piled on the road surface. The Municipality of Phnom Penh can only asked residents and road users for their patience and understanding while the passengers travel on tricky path and irregular road surface with constant haze of dust that possibly hurt on their health. However, people did not know for sure when the construction would be finished.


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