Does the permit of factory establishment affect the city?
Posted On : September, 11, 2015 | By សំឡេងទីក្រុង

Date:  11 September 2015  Written by Cheng Chanthon,   Translated by Ngy Sovanratany

After the collapse of Khmer Rouge regime, most of the sectors in the whole country were destroyed, especially infrastructure was severely ruined. Hence, restoration and immediate city development were abruptly needed ever since. Cambodia had lost a huge part of human resources and that was taking a long while for it to stand back up again.

Nearly 4 decades later, local and foreign investors have targeted Cambodia as one of the most potential business centers in Southeast Asia, making Phnom Penh city the heart of economy, especially for their business. In the recent years, there has been quite a number of manufacturing industries mushrooming from a small scale to a large one located right in the capital. The growing of those factories hold both pros and cons.

Besides easing the country’s economic growth, the presence of more factories provides opportunities and create more jobs for local people living nearby.

Issues related to urban development and the impact of the industrial factories in the city should be taken care of to avoid any impact that will cause by these developments.

Some publicity believe that the government should relocate factories causing all sort of pollution to stand outside of the capital to keep the whole city healthy and clean. Waste from factories either solid or liquid is one of the major concerns that affect city dwellers’ health, especially the residents living nearby. Smoke and foul smell from those factories even pollutes the air and noise pollution often exasperates people in the city. Also, the mobility of raw materials for those factories always congest the traffic on the roads.

A 67-year-old lunch salesperson, Mrs. Tep Reth living near Su Tong Fa garment factory in Sangkat Toul Sangke, Khan Russey Keo, Phnom Penh said that every time big containers import raw materials in to the factory as well as export finished products out of the factory, the road always get congested. It seems to go against the law that such factory locates in the city. In spite of the fact, the factory has created jobs for local people and helps make her business running, she added.

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