Growing e-commerce means less urban traffic in Cambodia
Posted On : November, 11, 2015 | By Chamroeun Soy

Ecommerce is taking the world by storm. The industry is already in its maturation phase in developed countries while it is taking off in developing and emerging economies. Cambodia has recently joined the ecommerce party and is destined for success. The growth potential of the ecommerce industry is massive and companies are slowly realizing the advantages ecommerce has to offer over other platforms. Ecommerce has been so successful that it is revolutionizing our lifestyles.

Growing ecommerce means that the urban traffic will reduce gradually in Cambodia. The lifestyle of people are changing. People don’t have the time to go out and shop. To fill this space many new startups have started online business in Cambodia like Kaymu, I92, and E-CamShopping, people get access to multiple products in one place, hence eliminating the need to visit multiple shops to check more variety. This obviously has an effect on the traffic on the road, which is decreasing day by day.

Due to Traffic congestion one feels not good, arriving at our destination hours late. USA and other developed countries are a witness to this that proper traffic planning, transport system and increasing online purchase behavior is keeping people off the roads. You don’t need to visit brick and mortar stores to purchase items as everything is available online.
Cambodia can also adopt the same model to solve its traffic issues. As the ecommerce industry is still in its starting phases, it will take a little time to people to shift to online shopping. A lot of factors play an important role in increasing online buying. If Cambodia is able address these factors, we can surely see a revolutionary change in urban traffic reduction:

Building Trust
Building trust is an integral and most important part of online shopping. This first step is actually the place where most businesses fail. Customers will never buy online if they don’t trust the seller. This is the day and age of social media and everything travels at the speed of light. Sellers have to ensure that they stay away from negative publicity and build trust through great work ethics and building relationships with customers.

Modes of Payment
A lot of people are concerned about the delivery of their product. They are hesitant to purchase online without proper assurance from sellers that their product will arrive in promised shape. To address this issue, a lot of companies are offering Cash on Delivery services, which will surely help in building trust of customers.

Privacy is an obvious issue. There have been a lot of recent scandals where the private information of people was leaked by hackers. People lay great emphasis on keeping their personal data secure and away from any misuse. Online websites must address this issue by investing in digital and internet security to ensure that private details of the customer is kept safe.

The future is bright for ecommerce in Cambodia. The industry is set for takeoff and can reach unparalleled heights. It will also drastically reduce urban traffic as people spend more time shopping online than in brick and mortar stores.

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